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Who we are

Our company specializes on teaching English children (2-15 years old), teenagers (15-19) but also adults. We have been providing our services for more than six years and we have still more and more satisfied clients. The courses are based on the ability to understand the spoken language, practise vocabulary and useful phrases and feel confident to express oneself. We prefer personal approach which is why the lessons are held in smaller groups. We try to involve a lot of games, activities and movement in the lessons and thus enable the learners to concentrate fully on what is being taught. Indirect learning, activation of all senses and development of imagination contribute to this goal as well. Learning can be fun and our teachers can enjoy a lot of fun in their lessons too!

What we require

  • English native speakers greatly interested in teaching
  • At least two years experience with teaching adults and children
  • Appropriate education, certificates enabling teaching English as a second language (CELTA, TEFL,...)
  • Valid working visa or permanent residence in the Czech Republic
  • Responsibility, enthusiasm for teaching

What we offer

  • Interesting job for at least one year
  • Training course including our methodology, classroom management and observation lessons for free
  • Work in a collective of young people
  • Help with arranging accommodation, orienting in a new city, paperwork...

If you are interested in this position, please send your current CV, recent photo and written references to the coordinator of appropriate region.


Bc. Lukáš Petržela (jednatel)

tel.: 775 616 323 / 777 765 098

Účet: 2200447025/2010

IČO: 01887408 

Tipy pro Vás

Report za měsíc duben/2018 ze všech kroužků a kurzů naleznete ve formátu pdf k tisku či stažení v sekci Publikujeme/Reporty.


Report za měsíc březen/2018 ze všech kroužků a kurzů naleznete ve formátu pdf k tisku či stažení v sekci Publikujeme/Reporty.


Vážení rodiče, od 29.3.2018 do 2.4.2018 jsou velikonoční prázdniny. Kroužky (MŠ/ZŠ) a kurzy na Krapkově ulici nebudou v tomto čase probíhat. Přejeme všem příjemné prožití prázdnin a st. svátků. Tým EE


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